CARE Deutschland/Luxemburg e.V. and Women’s Civic Initiative ANTIKO Skopje are implementing the project Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labour Market. The project is funded by the European Union and contracted by the Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) from the Ministry of Finance. The project is part of the Fostering Social Inclusion scheme, budget line: IPA- Human Resource Development, Reference: EuropeAid/135-012/M/ACT/MK. The project is part of the Thematic Priority Lot 2 – Integration of minority ethnic communities in the labour market with special focus on women.


Overall objective

Realizing an inclusive labour market in Macedonia, where all citizens, including those from vulnerable categories, will have equal access opportunities.


Specific objective

To increase the access and presence of women from ethnic minorities on labour market in Macedonia, through strengthening their employment potentials and creating a favourable social environment.


Main activities

The project aims to do an assessment of the current employment situation among minorities and on the labor market in the target area.

Additionally the project plans the following activities:

  • outreach psychosocial work with the families from the target regions;
  • trainings supporting individual employability of women;
  • mobilizing communities for the work on employment issues;
  • professional practice for 30 women;
  • communication of the project methodologies to Employment Service Agency for replication.


Location of the action

The project will take action in 5 municipalities: Skopje, Kumanovo, Stip, Bitola and Tetovo.


Project Duration

The project is envisaged to last for 18 months – January 20th, 2016 – July 20th, 2017